Margaret Mitchell's House Hydrant

Margaret Mitchell's House Hydrant, Atlanta, GeorgiaHi, my name is Frank hydrant. When my grandpa was first installed outside Margaret Mitchell House it wasn't called that at all, it was just a two story family home, built by one Cornelius Sheehan. Grandpa said it wasn't standing in the same spot either. The area in those days was known as "tight squeeze" because Peachtree Street looped around a 30ft ravine, it was pretty scary then. But that all changed when the house was sold in 1919, it became Crescent Apartments and then the owner, in his infinite wisdom, moved the house. Yes, that is what I said, he up and moved it about 40 ft, did a few alterations and turned it from a two story apartment building to a three story one. In 1925 newly weds moved into Apartment #1. They were quite the interlects. Grandpa remembers that that the poor woman broke her ankle and didn't venture out of her apartment for a long while. Her husband was forever coming home with books piled up in his arms, she must have been bored. Most of the books were about history. One day he was even seen carrying in a remington typewriter. It was sometime later when he discovered who the recluse was. Margaret Mitchell was her name and she wrote much of her famous book, Gone With the Wind, in that house. Funny for years I thought I was named after the main character of the novel, Franky, but it seems someone was having a lend of me. I was named after the famous line of the movie "Frankly my dear", gosh.